Coward Zionist regime


This photo sums up the coward israeli soldiers who cover beside an anti-missile launcher on outskirts of Gaza.  They love life whilst they dont care about others life.

Some claim that Israel has a mightier military machine than its neighbors and can take them all out. This is so untrue that its not even laughable but makes you wince that some in this world actually believe the hype surrounding Israel.

How many F16’s does Israel have? How many does Egypt have?

How many active persons in the israel armed forces? How many active in the Egypt armed forces?
How many reservists for Israel? How many reservists for Egypt?Am sure we now get the point that Israel is not some undefeatable entity but FACT Palestine can be liberated within a few hours. Look at history when Sadat bombed his own troops to stop them going further into Tel Aviv.

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