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Cuteness overload: Watch these pets ruin their owners’ yoga routine

A recent video that went viral tells the story that every health conscious pet owners know way too well. The video shows adorable pets ruining their owners yoga routines.

Yes, if this video is any indication, pets, especially dogs and cats, think that every time their owners tries a headstand, it is time to show them some love. That’s why, in this video, we see a dog rush to lick the cheeks of his owner while she is trying to do Śīrṣāsana. Some kitties, however, are more intelligent. They know the importance of yoga in maintaining a peaceful mind and a healthy body. That’s why in this video we see a cat trying to do some difficult yoga postures just like his/her owner is practicing. However, not all cats are as hardworking. Case in point, another cat in this video, who climbs up and sits tight on his/her owners back as she continues to exercise.

If you think, that these pets do such crazy things as climbing on their owners or jumping on them because they are pure evil, you are certainly wrong. With faces as cute as theirs’ they can’t be that mean even if they wanted to, and what they really think when they interrupt their owners’ yoga session is even more adorable.
Huffington Post quoted a yoga instructor saying that “They (pets) think it’s playtime or that it’s some kind of game. They think, ‘Mommy is on our level … Lets get her!’.”

Now see, isn’t that just adorable?


 Watch the video:

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