Dare To Walk On ‘World’s Longest Glass Bridge’? Shijiazhuang, China’s Hebei

The bridge stretches across 488 meters between two cliffs in the Hongyagu Scenic Area. The bridge hangs 218 meters above the ground – that’s approximately how tall a 66 story building is. Can you imagine walking across this bridge? How about looking down from this bridge. Scary right?

According to the video, the bridge has been designed to support up to 2,000 people. However, only 500 people will be on it at one time.

While walking on the bridge, tourists can enjoy the surrounding Hongyagu scenery, which boasts a unique geographic landscape with mountain views, natural waterfalls, ancient towns and temples.

While the view from the bridge would be breathtaking, it’ll be equally frightening to walk from end of the bridge to the other. Think you have what it takes to walk across this bridge? the bridge is located in Shijiazhuang, China’s Hebei Province. Set to open on December 24.

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