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Dead woman, Capuchin monkeys, incoherent man, note found in Florida motel scene

A dead woman identified as Linda Marie Smith was found, along with two Capuchin monkeys, an incoherent man, and a note, in a Florida motel. The local police department reported on Facebook on Jan. 29 that Smith’s body “showed no obvious signs of trauma” but they did not rule out suicide.

This was a strange scene indeed, According to law enforcment in the area, the 59-year-old woman’s cause of death has not been identified. In addition, the note’s contents had not been disclosed and the reason the male in the room was not able to communicate remains unknown.

Furthermore, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is now in charge of the care of the monkeys who were caged when found. These particular primates, who are considered very intelligent and very easy to train, were found to be in good health.

By way of background, on Friday afternoon law enforcement were called to the strange scene in a room at the Budget Inn on Tamiami Trail, located on the Sunshine State’s Gulf Coast town of North Port. Why the police found what they did still remains a huge mystery.

To be sure, details about this odd story are scant. Of course, this situation serves to make speculators’ minds go wild. One reporter said that a film he saw was about some primates who were about to wipe out a civilization came about because they were carrying a deadly virus. Those monkeys were the same type of monkeys found in their cages in that Florida hotel room.

So was fiction actually face because the woman who was dead had died because of her contact with the caged Capuchin monkeys? Was this also the reason the man in the room was incoherent? Was this what was explained in the found note or was that note an explanation of a suicide or something else?

A lot of questions provide not many answers as imaginations get ahead of the bizarre story.

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