Deadpool 2 teaser: Butt-naked Ryan Reynolds, dig at Superman, Stan Lee cameo and blood

The teaser of Deadpool 2 is here and boy, does it tease.

Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds, as the titular character, became the surprise hit of 2016. It was a (not) superhero film with an anti-hero made on a small budget (when compared to superhero flicks) and above all, it was R-rated i.e Adult-rating, Indians!

But Deadpool managed to make an enormous Rs 5,225 crore (US $783 million) from a budget of Rs 388 crore (US $ 58 million). That is thirteen times the budget!

Now, the makers of the much-anticipated Deadpool 2 have dropped a teaser for fans all over the world and it has, in the following order, 1. a dig at Superman, 2. the butt of actor Ryan Reynolds and 3. a cameo by comic-book legend and creator of X-Men, Spider-Man, The Avengers and Deadpool, Mr Stan Lee.

Last but not the least, an old man dies because Deadpool is too busy wearing his skintight costume inside a phone booth while the classic John Williams-scored theme from Superman plays in the background.

Deadpool proved than an R-rated (adult) movie based on a comic book character could also be profitable if made with a lot of heart and sincerity. Since then, the demand for adult comic book-inspired films have grown. In fact, the recent Wolverine film Logan, which has received great reviews so far, is also R-rated.

Watch the teaser of Deadpool 2 here:

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