‘Death to America’: Iranian lawmakers burn US flag as Trump quits nuclear deal


Hours after United States walked out of the 2015 nuclear accord, Iranian lawmakers shouted “Death to America” and set ablaze the US flag and a piece of paper, representing the nuclear deal, inside the country’s parliament on Wednesday. The lawmakers later carried out demonstrations on the street.

“Trump does not have the mental capacity to deal with issues,” said parliament speaker Ali Larijani said on the judiciary`s website, Mizan.

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Iran nuclear accord, calling it “horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made.” Economic sanctions, that were waived when the deal was signed in 2015, will once again be imposed on Tehran, said Trump.

He added that Obama’s foreign policy did not address Iran`s ballistic missile programme, its nuclear activities beyond 2025 nor its role in conflicts in Yemen and Syria.

The Iran nuclear agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). was signed in 2015 by the United States during former President Barack Obama’s tenure. UK, France, China, Russia and Germany are the other five nations that signed the accord.

President Hassan Rouhani said Iran would remain committed to the multinational nuclear deal, designed to deny Tehran the ability to build nuclear weapons, despite Trump`s decision to withdraw from it.

“If we achieve the deal`s goals in cooperation with other members of the deal, it will remain in place. … By exiting the deal, America has officially undermined its commitment to an international treaty,” Rouhani said in a televised speech.

“I have ordered the foreign ministry to negotiate with the European countries, China and Russia in coming weeks. If at the end of this short period we conclude that we can fully benefit from the JCPOA with the cooperation of all countries, the deal would remain,” he added.

“If needed, we will resume our nuclear enrichment at the industrial level without any limit,” Rouhani said. “From now on, everything depends on Iran`s national interests.”

The chant “Death to America” has often been heard inside the Iranian.

Trump’s decision puts pressure on his European allies, which are key backers of the deal and are reluctant to join the United States in reimposing sanctions on Iran.

Under the 2015 deal, Iran stopped producing 20 percent enriched uranium and gave up the majority of its stockpile in return for most international sanctions on it being lifted.

Trump`s announcement was hailed by Washington`s principal allies in the Middle East, Israel and Saudi Arabia, both sworn foes of Iran.

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