Delay in convening Winter Session leaves Congress worried

Delay in convening Winter Session leaves Congress worried

Delay in convening Winter Session leaves Congress worried

The Centre was questioned on Monday by the Congress party regarding the delay in convening the Winter Session of 2017. The Congress party leaders also questioned the BJP-NDA leaders about the reasons for delay for the same.

The dates of the winter session have not been announced yet by the Centre. The winter session usually has to be convened by the third week of November. However, no signs of it being convened in the recent future are seen.

According to Congress leaders, the event is an unfortunate one, where in the Modi led Government is not honouring traditions.

Leaders spoke and questioned repeatedly “Today it is the 13th of November 2017 and there is no sign of the winter session which has been our tradition.. What is it that the NDA-BJP government is so scared of that it is running away from convening the session?”

There have been several issues still seeking accurate responses. These pressing issues like that of the implementation of GST, the November 8th Note-Ban Anniversary, its outcomes on the economy as a whole, etc. are all seeking answers.

The BJP party seems to be running away, according to the Congress leaders. And their demand to convene the Winter Session increases everyday. According to them, convening Assembly elections in a state have become an excuse for the BJP Party to run away from the questioning of the Parliament. This should not be case, said the party members.

Immediate demands for the winter session are raised and at the same time criticisms are being bashed. Congress party members are even criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his political ways and motives to undermine the democratic institutions.

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