Delhi school fee hike

Delhi Schools’ Fee likely to hike

Delhi Schools’ Fee likely to hike

The new recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission have arrived, and have brought along a hike in the Delhi private school fee. The step comes particularly after the Delhi Government, led by Arvind Kejriwal, allowed the recognition of various unaided private schools on DDA (Delhi Development Authority), to increase their fee by as much as 15 per cent. This measure has been taken as an ‘interim’ measure to comply with the regulations.

The circular released for the situation by the Delhi Government, though, says that a fee hike is not mandatory, especially for recognized unaided city schools. However, at the first opportunity, the BJP government criticized the step by saying, this could give rise to the harassment of parents by various schools.

The Delhi Government, in their statement, said that Delhi Schools must explore the possibilities of utilization of the reserves that exist with them currently, and try to meet the shortfalls in the outstanding salaries, allowances, and any increments as well.

The schools in Delhi are supposed to comply with the 7th CPC recommendations, which proposes a 25 per cent increase in the salaries of school teachers. The arrears, if any, would have to be paid from 7.5 per cent of tuition fees for the students. The new salaries that are going to be funded with a 15 per cent hike will effect from July 1st, 2017.

In addition to all this, the circular also states that to avoid any delay in the distribution of benefits to the teachers and other school employees, and to avoid the onus of the same on the parents, the 7th CPC guidelines for an interim feel hike shall be permitted to the Delhi schools.

However, the fee hike would only be taken as an option in cases where Delhi Schools are found to have not enough reserves and funds from other sources. The fee hike step made by a school would be subject to the necessary scrutiny, to see if the school actually needs the hike. The financial position of the school would be brought under a scanner.

The detailed budget of the school, as well as the financial position of the school,  must be discussed unanimously, in the presence of a group of teachers and parents, of which, at least one parent should represent the class of parents.

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By Saumya Khanduja


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