Delhi under the blanket of Air Pollution

Delhi under the blanket of Air Pollution

Delhi under the blanket of Air Pollution

Delhi, yet another time, has become a gas chambers, worsening things for the residents. With the blanket of air pollution covering Delhi, all private and state-run Junior Schools will be closed today on November 8. Children will not be permitted in any outdoor activity, even the morning assemblies.

The Delhi Government even announced that people should avoid walking out in the morning as well as evening. The pollution level in Delhi is hazardous, while the Indian Medical Association even declared a public health emergency.

The air quality index in Delhi is at a severe level, of 451. While the maximum reading for the same is 500. Anything above 100 is said to be unhealthy.

In the neighboring, NCR regions of Delhi, namely, Ghaziabad, and Haryana, schools are going to be closed today and tomorrow, while most will now start at 9 am till the end of November.

Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal seeked an appointment with the Environment Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, who is currently in Germany for a Climate Change Meeting. The meeting might be possible  on Thursday.

Arvind Kumar, the Chairman for chest surgeries in the Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi said that the situation is equal to smoking 50 cigarettes a day.

The Annual Half Marathon which was supposed to be held on November 19 is also going to be cancelled to protect the runners.

According to the US embassy the level of pollutants that are harmful for humans reached to the level of 703. The hazardous level is 300, while it was 999 for RK Puram. Beyond 999 there is no reading available.    

The Central Industrial Security Force even ordered 15,000 masks for the personnel deployed in the Delhi Metro Premises, airport, and other government buildings.

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