Demonetisation Rekindles Humanity On The Streets Of India


The jury is still out on whether Modi’s demonetisation move can spell out long-term benefits and actually curb the scourge of black money and corruption in the system but one simple fact that this exercise has brought in to the forefront is a surge in the humanity and the humane aspect of the average Indian around you.

Whether you follow What’sapp or not the umpteenth instances of Gurudwaras and charitable organisations offering biscuits and water to the serpentine queue of individuals in front of ATMs to banks providing special seating for the senior citizens and the specially abled so that they are not inconvenienced by the long wait outside as they got their notes changed or withdrew money.

Of course the naysayers would have you believe that the average people on the road are greatly inconvenienced, there is a food shortage, people are running short of cash to buy basic amenities, people being wrongly looted of their 500 and 1000 notes and scheming money lenders forcing poor with loans in invalid currency and what not. While I do not deny any of these, there is also another side of the story. For every 500 rupee note forecefully thrust upon someone, you have an equal number or even more of individuals like medicine stores or local grocers accepting invalid notes from people in dire need fo supplies. Your average vegetable vendor is suddenly okay with you not being able to pay instantly or you transfering the payment to them electronically. So many companies are organising awareness campaigns for their staff to prepare them better for the forthcoming hurdles.

Also I believe that this is an unique opportunity that we have got to actually perform rather than just continuing to rant. We have ranted enough and more about the fact that the Government is not acting, misusing the tax payers money and what not. So now we have got the opportunity to take the action in our hand. Lets go ahead and play the role of facilitators, open bank accounts for our maids, dhobiwala, drivers and whoever needs to be paid their monthly salaries. Let us spread awareness about the use of electronic money transfer, using payment gateways like Paytm and perhaps for the first time you have got the option to document every paise that you spend fro what you offer to the road side chaatwala to the cab driver and even the tip you want to pay.

As another average Indian like you me, Amrita Gupta, said, “If we want a change in our lives short term hardships are inevitable isn’t it? No pain no gain. Else we can continue to stay as is and keep ranting. I am personally not a big fan of that. Want the change then endure the change, that’s my motto.”

Let’s all embrace the change and move forward and join hands in empowering our fellow citizens and honest taxpayers.

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