Denial to the truth


This is Gemini Dhar. A take-charge expert and an author, who has inspired, encouraged people by making them believe their true potential in the path of personal growth and fulfillment.

All of us are put on this planet for a purpose. We are a part of the big picture. But very few people discover their purpose in life. Well, most of them just exist and keep counting their days rather than making their days count.

Denial is something that is not true. It is obvious that many of you live in denial. Assuming things, which is not true, makes the path for your own destruction. I have seen all kinds of people in my life. Only few are confident enough to lead their life, whilst most of them are scared of their own inner self.

Here are some of the truths:

1. There are people in this world who says that they are doing really good in life. Yet, they would be neglecting their health in the other side. You know every coin has two sides.
2. Next is the person who says, “I am okay.” Yet, he or she would be living in a deteriorating relationship.
3. The other day I asked this question to one of my friend, how is your work going on? She replied it is pretty good. But I must say this; there was no such ‘good’ thing that she witnessed in her life. This means she was not happy with her job too.

Life is good, yet people struggle to meet their ends. All they do is follow this motto. “Fake it till you make it”. In my opinion the motto is good. But it depends on how you are going to apply this in your life. If you look at its positive side then I am happy about the fact. I do not want people to live in the fallacy.

The only thing that is stopping you to achieve success is the wall you have built for yourself. Break this wall and within no seconds you will touch the success with your bare hands. Let me tell you, the wall is not built by anyone here. It is as simple as that it is you the one who have had built it gradually without your own acknowledgement.
Ask me how you built it?

The reason is you. Yes, it is just you. When you refuse to accept the truth all weird things happens.
I will just give you a simple example:
Many a time’s people think that you are strong but that is the most foolish thing that you believe in. It is good to stand strong amongst your children and loved ones. Not giving up and standing tall among adversity is the beautiful thing one could ever witness in their lives. But to achieve this, your inner voice needs to be addressed with actions. Just by waiting and hoping life does not become proper.

Constant action and improvement in your day to-day life approaches you to have a positive life. I must say this; the only thing that is constant in life is change. So do not fake it, till you make it. Fake it, while you are transforming your challenges with constant persistence and fruitful efforts.

Accept the truth. Stop living in denial. It does not empower you. Instead it eats you up from within. And trust me you do not have a single clue about this thing. So be kind to yourself.

Three things you must do

1. Write down whichever area of your life needs to be strengthened, jot it down.

2. Make a plan in writing of how you will address the issue and with what tools.

3. Make a list of milestones you want to achieve and apply it and within few weeks you will see the massive change.

Stay empowered.

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