Difference between belief and power belief:


This is Gemini Dhar. A take charge expert and author, who has inspired, encouraged people by making them believe their true potential in the path of personal growth and fulfillment.

All of us are put on this planet for a purpose. We are a part of the big picture. But very few people discover their purpose in life. Well, most of them just exist and keep counting their days rather than making their days count.

Beliefs are something that we cultivate from the environment we live in. People believe that there is god, and according to these beliefs they believe in a particular religion. It is obvious that people believe in what their parents tell them. As we grow up there are teachers who guides us with their experiences ,and many a times our friends tell lot of things which we believe to the fullest and of course we apply them in our lives.

Belief comes from various sources and each source helps us in shaping our mind so from the time you are born, till you start working your mind is completely being shaped according to your circumstances. So when we say that “making money is easy”, it really depends on whether you strongly believe it or just because someone is telling you’d like to believe it. So, likewise there is formula for everything in life. And it is achieved according to the system of beliefs, formulas, methods, plans, understanding and skills. Out of all these the important factor is belief.

Let me just start with a story:
There was a man who was selling balloons at a fair. He had balloons of different colors say blue, red, white and green. Whenever his business was low he would leave a balloon into the sky. So, the kids in the fair would see the balloon go up. And interestingly they all wanted to buy one. This continued for a long time. Suddenly, he realized that someone is holding his jacket. He turned around and he noticed a little boy standing and the boy asked, if you release a black colored balloon would that also fly and reach skies? The man replied my dear child, it’s not the color of the balloon, it is what’s inside that makes it goes up. In this story the balloon flew higher because of the presence of helium inside it. Same way in our lives it’s what’s inside that counts and what is inside of us that makes us goes up is our belief towards life.

So, tell me

Do you really want to make more money? More success?

Do You want to run a multimillionaire empire, or you just want to go out and help millions of people in achieving their dreams

For all these things what matters most is that your belief about yourselves, your capacity to explore your mind and to push yourself from our comfort zone, and to keep going higher in your lives.

What is power belief?
Power belief is something that breaks your negative beliefs by changing into a very strong belief. It helps in experiencing the action of your inner self.

The moment your beliefs transforms into power beliefs, your chances of doing something in life multiples. How much they gets multiples, depends purely on your efforts. You may make 100 thousand turn over in a year, or in a week or in another twenty years. In the next coming years that hundred could be multiplied to two hundred thousand depending upon what you think and how you learn from your experiences. Ultimately, beliefs are your immune system.

How can you change a belief into power belief?

Don’t lose yourself. Be confident enough.
Don’t live your life under someone else’s control.
Fight against your odds by having a clear mindset.
Do that one thing which everyone said that you cannot.
Beware of half-truths.
Listen to your feelings not just words.
Have an open mind rather than an empty mind.
Take risks. Avoid short cuts.
Discuss but don’t argue.
Convert your promises into commitments.

Belief without a direction is like a wildfire, and leads to destruction of yourself. That’s why in order to succeed; you need to get programmed in a positive way.


Article by:

Geminidhar (Take charge Expert and Author)

email: 9waystoempower@gmail.com


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