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Difficulties of being a doctor in India



The phone rings at 2am at night. Dr. Honest rushes to the ER. He wants to save his patient more than anything. This is the moment for which he joined the medical profession . But life is not a bed of roses for such a Dr. Honest anymore.

Dr. Dishonest only aims to earn quick money by advising obviously un-indicated tests, giving treatment which may not do good for the patient but make him rich anyways. But discussing his career and problems is not within the scope of this article.

Let us look at the problems of honest doctors who wish to do good for their patients and earn a decent living.

Dr. A performs a complicated surgery and the patient gets cured. But he develops a small wound infection, due to multiple reasons. The doctor gets sued in the consumer court.

Dr. B treats a very serious patient but is not able to save her life. The relatives get furious and ransack the hospital and beat the doctor. The doctor is arrested for criminal negligence, but no action is taken against the ‘emotional outburst’ of the violent mob.

Dr. D realizes that though he is a highly qualified allopathic doctor, he will be asked to prove his competence every 5 years, while a doctor from some other discipline will be allowed to practice allopathy without any restrictions.

Dr. E becomes a surgeon and is now made to do rural posting in a hospital which does not have any facilities for conducting a surgery. Now he will have no exposure to surgical work for about 3 more years.

In spite of this Dr. Honest does exist. It is our duty as a Society to ensure that Dr. Honest thrives and wipes out all the Dr. Dishonests from our System.

Article ByDr. Amit A.Desari
General & Laparoscopic





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