DO NOT IGNORE THIS: Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Use The Same Plastic Bottle Twice


Plastic bottles have become a must have accessory to keep us hydrated no matter where we are. We carry them to work, to the gym, out for a jog or a walk and we always have a fresh supply of water with us. We know that drinking water is essential so we make it a habit to carry a bottle with us at all times. However, scientists say that we should never use the same plastic bottle multiple times because it can damage our health. If you’re wondering why that is so, we give you two scientifically proven reasons which will make you think twice about using the same plastic bottle again.

It’s a bacteria heaven

When it’s hot and damp bacteria multiplies rapidly and that’s why we should pay extra attention to our plastic bottle, it’s an ideal bacteria environment.

The most dangerous part is the bottle opening because that’s where it comes into contact with our mouth and the ridges and indentations on the opening harbor plenty of bacteria. So they come into direct contact with our mouth.

Polyethylene terephthalate

We usually wash these bottles in-between uses to eliminate bacteria and sometimes we use really hot water just to be safe. That’s when we make an even bigger mistake. These disposable plastic bottles are made of a substance called Polyethylene terephthalate which can degrade and leach phthalates into your clean drinking water. The phthalates can cause some serious health problems. The plastic bottles aren’t designed to withstand high temperatures and it causes the harmful chemicals to be released in our water.

If you refill your bottle once or twice it surely won’t kill you but still try to not do it often. It’ll be better or you if you choose a reusable bottle made from eco-friendly non-toxic materials. Better safe than sorry right.

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