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Drink bitter gourd juice for good health!


Bitter gourd is a popular veggie and better known for its bitter taste. But have you ever thought of drinking its juice? Well, many would make faces while taking the name but one should have this bitter drink as it is full of essential nutrients and medicinal values.

Here are some health benefits of the bitter juice:

Good for digestion: Bitter gourd juice is good for digestion as it increases the production of enzymes. Regular consumption of this bitter juice helps you get rid of constipation.

Prevents diabetes: Though bitter gourd has many health benefits, it is mainly consumed for triggering the blood sugar level. Regular consumption of bitter gourd juice helps to prevent the rise of blood sugar levels.

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Helps weight loss: For those who wants to shed those extra fat start having bitter gourd juice. The juice helps you reduce weight because of its high fibre, low carbohydrates and calories content in it.

Good for skin: Bitter gourd juice is good for skin as it helps to remove the fine lines from the upper surface of the skin. This juice also helps to prevents premature ageing.

Even though the juice of bitter gourd is bitter in taste, one should include it in their daily diet to prevent from many diseases.

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