Drinking Ginger Water Everyday : Benefits and Side Effects


Ginger is a flowering plant that hails from China. It is a part of the Zingiberaceae family and is a close relative to cardamom, turmeric, and galangal. Ginger roots are powered with vital minerals like manganese, copper magnesium and potassium. Apart from this, it is also rich in vitamins such as E,C and A. Ginger not only increases the body’s metabolism, but also improves the immunity system to a great extent.

Ginger water provides some super-amazing health benefits.
Decrease inflammation
Decrease and prevent nausea
Protect from free radicals
Protect from cancer
Boost immune system
Boost energy
Balance body
Improve digestion
Boost metabolism
Improve circulation

Side effects:
Side effects from ginger are rare but can include the following if ginger is consumed in excess:

burning in the mouth
Don’t consume more than 4 grams of ginger in any given day in any form.

People with heart conditions, diabetes, and gallstones should especially talk with their doctor before taking ginger as a supplement. You should also talk to your doctor about the safety of taking ginger if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or about to have surgery.

How To Make Ginger Water

Fresh ginger is best suited for making ginger water. A lot of artificial products claim to contain ginger flavour or powder, but you’ll be more benefitted by using fresh ginger.

1. Wash the ginger root under cold running water.

2. Grate a portion of ginger. It shouldn’t be more than half tsp.

3. Boil the water.

4. Once the water starts boiling, add ginger zest to it.

5. Pour the ginger water in a glass and allow it cool for some time. Consume it while it’s still lukewarm.

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