Dussehra: The day when Shirdi Sai Baba took Mahasamadhi


The saint of Shirdi, Sai Baba is revered across the globe. Baba’s teachings and learnings have travelled over years and people irrespective of their religion have shown utmost faith in the Satguru.

Not much is known as to when this Fakir of Shirdi was born but the name Sai was given to him by Mhalsapati upon his arrival at Shirdi. According to Sai Satcharita, Baba came to Shirdi when he was only 16-year-old. It is believed that he came along with a man who was coming for a wedding to the place. Many believe that Baba’s date of birth happens to be September 28, 1835.

Baba decided to stay put in Shirdi, so he found a perfect place. He sat under a Neem tree and meditated in yoga asana. After that curiosity grew among people as to who is this man who can sit motionless for hours.

Some were intimidated by him while others rebelled against him. Gradually, the saint left the village and returned to the place after one year around 1858 to stay there permanently.

Sai Baba turned a mosque into his temple, now better known as Dwarika Mai. The miracles of Baba are known to all and his teachings stress on spreading humanity and belief in the supreme entity.

It is believed that Shirdi Sai Baba took Mahasamadhi on the day of Dussehra or Vijayadashami. So, during the Chaitra Navratri which falls in March-April, the Ram Navami day is celebrated as Baba’s birthday and Sharad Navratri culminating on Dussehra is the day when Baba went Antardhyan.

Both the days are observed in a huge manner at Shirdi Sai Baba’s temple where devotees make a long queue just to get a glimpse and blessings of the lord.

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