Egypt’s Mursi divided loyalty between Hamas, US & Israel.


Mursi now needs to come off the fence and decide with whom does his loyalty lie with. Egypt has recalled its ambassador to Israel but yet the Israeli ambassador is still in Egypt. This recalling of the egyptian ambassador is what Mubarak did in the past and is simple posturing to the people it means nothing.

He has one of the most formidable armed forces in the middle east he just needs to say go and its game over. Egypt in the past under Sadat and Nasser in the so called fake wars ended up bombing its own troops to stop them from taking over Tel Aviv. Its time to learn Palestine history and understand the reality of Egypt today and stop making naive comments.

This is not about being arrogant or criticism it is about what are he able to do. Egypt is not in a weak position its perceived as weak economically but that is because it is tied down by IMF and World Bank loans which it has paid back many years ago but now pays the interest as do many other muslim countries.  So its time to make a stand. Are Egypt going to continue making excuses or he going to do something about it?

If you still disagree then kindly request you to inform us what should Mursi do?  Go running to the UN/Arab League/OIC/Quartet which we already know are defunct bodies and have no power. Seriously how many times are we going to hear the same news about Israel attacking Gaza and make excuses that the US is going to come and attack us. How will the US come and attack us do you know the reality of the US in terms of its trillions of debt. This is just scare mongering oh we cant attack Israel it might nuke us or the US will attack us. We need to wake up now. Palestine can be liberated within afew hours not days or weeks a few hours is all it takes. Sadat bombed his own troops to stop them from doing this as they were nearing Tel Aviv. Was Egypt in a better position economically then?

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