Exam Blues


Those were the days when school and college were fun. In today’s time educational institutions impart more stress than knowledge as there is a continuous requirement to perform . The complete educational system functions more on information than on overall growth of an individual . Finally everybody is at an admission war into engineering or medical. The scenario does not seem to change in the near future but the students have to learn to cope up with it . Parents and schools should beblow a few tips to deal with the stressed students.

There are certain major concerns which can be dealt with:


Many a times inspite of completing the portion and studying, Students fear of failing. This could be if the student is not confident or has not prepared well according to himself. Students should be motivated by reminding them their past success and how well they have performed earlier. They should be given relaxation excercise like closing eyes for 5 minutes and thinking about their favorite things. Pranayam helps a lot in soothing the mind. Self motivation should be a part of students life in order to overcome daily challenges and shortcomings .


The volume of work pending can make students restless. Time is a major factor here as a lot of work needs to be done in a limited available time frame. The importance of time should definitely be taught to children but at the same time they should not fear time . Time should be students’ friend. Students should learn to asses their capacity and their requirement of time for a certain subject. Each one has a different capacity and requirements of time to understand their studies. Even when you have less time for a tasyour proper time table for the limited time available can work wonders for students .



Marathon studies for long hours is not a good idea. It generates boredom and overlaps of information. Short break of at least 7-8 minutes should be taken after every 1 hour . An overload of information can cause blanking of mind and students find it difficult to retrieve the information stored by them. The mind should not be in constant information loafing to avoid this. Study material and subjects should be organized in a way that there is no repetition to cause boredom. Allow the mind to absorb the subject matter with spaces . Last minute studies suit a few. But depending on that can cause memory issues .



Sleeplessness, acidity, loss of appetite , stress eating , headaches, mood swings , crying spells and panic attacks are symptoms of severe exam stress . These signs in students should be taken seriously . Parents should help students cope up with this stress instead of adding more pressure on them by talking to them and discussing their difficulties . Students should target a good water intake and proper nutritious food habits . A 7-8 hours of sleep is recommended in order to refresh the brain for better productivity . Some time must be allocated for recreational activities and stress busting.



Students avoid studies when when they either find it difficult , stressful or uninteresting . The students should be told that all students have similar feelings . Teach them quick relaxation excercises which reduce depression and negative feelings from the mind . Positive affirmations help students in inducing positivity in them . Eg: ” I am going to be very relaxed and I will fair very well in my exams ” or ” I have studied well and I will write my exams perfectly with ease”



Each student has his/her own way of dealing with their studies. Do not force , pressurize or condemn them . This will only make the student negative . Be their guide and pass on suggestions . They need support , not negativity .


Exams can be fun if dealt with in the right way . Right choices , right methods and right practices can ease the life of students .


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