Exclusive interview of Indo-Candian author Vinita Kinra of “Pavitra in Paris” only on ClamorWorld.com


Excerpt from an interview with Vinita Kinra, author of recently published book Pavitra in Paris.


Clamorworld: First of all, heartiest congratulations on publishing Pavitra in Paris. I must admit that every single story of your book stirs a range of emotions. How do you make your descriptions so vivid?

Vinita Kinra: Thank you for your observation. My aim is to give a soul to every character of every story, so that they come alive and pull your heart strings.

Clamorworld: What are your signature gifts to your readers?

Vinita Kinra: A precious necklace where every story is a rare gem, strung with the invisible chain of wisdom.

Clamorworld: Your metaphors are awe-inspiring. You have a strong poetic inclination.

Vinita Kinra: If prose is my body, poetry is my heart. (Laughs) I gave you another metaphor!

Clamorworld: What has been your greatest motivation?

Vinita Kinra: The saying by Farrah Gray, “Build your dreams before they hire you to build theirs”. (Laughs) My husband and my daughter, of course!

Clamorworld: Tell us about your next book.

Vinita Kinra: My next book, “Live and Let Us Live” is a timeless work of fiction that coming generations will remember and learn from. It reiterates my conviction that our planet earth is meant for all. It’s boundless creativity and breathless suspense between life and death will want you to finish the book the very day you start reading it.

Clamorworld: What was the best compliment you received on “Pavitra in Paris”?

Vinita Kinra: There have been uncountable, but the shortest and sweetest were “unputdownable” (if the word exists!) and “life-changing”.

Clamorworld: What message would you like to give your readers?

Vinita Kinra: I firmly believe in Paulo Coelho’s quote that if you want something, the entire universe conspires to help you achieve it. It has certainly been my case.

Clamorworld: Thank you for your time today, Vinita and all the best for your upcoming books!

Vinita Kinra: Thank you.

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