Explained! The real purpose of human life


We all know that after several lives, we are born as humans and it is believed that our soul passes through 84,00,00,00 species in order to get a human body. Hence, we are born with some purpose.

According to the vedas, a human has a certain purpose which he needs to fulfill. These are called four basic objectives or pursuits of life in order to attain salvation or Moksha.

Below, we introduce you to the four main objectives of human life.


Dharma has a wider meaning and goes beyond the parameters of religion. Rather, it states practising righteousness and keeping faith in God. It also states fulfilling ten basic priciples which are as follows – Forbearance, Control of mind, Kshama, Non-stealing, Cleanliness, Wisdom, Control of sense, Knowledge, Truth and Non-anger.


Artha means wealth which is the second most important objective of human life. Wealth, in this sense, is often confused with greed, however, it doesn’t state just materialistic wealth. It states attaining the wealth of knowledge, attaining good health, being satisfied with what you already have and lastly, one should always donate a certain portion of their money for a charitable purpose.


It states a desire or a wish. It basically states satisfying your sensual urges. In this category, sexual desires occupy the first place as it’s a human need according to the Vedas. Thus, Kama is considered an essential goal of human life which must be filfilled in a proper way without sacrificing the rest of the three goals.


It is the final objective that every human being must realise. It states liberating yourself from the cycle of death and rebirth. Thus, it basically frees you from all miseries and pain and one can unite with God!

To attain this stage a human being needs to perform good deeds and lead their life in a righteous way.

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