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Quito, South America, Ecuador

Ecuador's capital city is making big investments to raise its stature as a business and leisure powerhouse on the South American continent.

Quito, South America, volcano, Ecuador

British Columbia, Canada, horse trekking, horseback riding

Reader Q&A: Where are the top horse trekking destinations?
BBC Travel reader Elly Geven is looking to go on a horseback riding holiday with her teenage daughter. Our Facebook fans shared their suggestions.

Courmayeur, hiking

Living in: The world’s happiest places
The world’s top five happiest countries, all of which fall in northern Europe, have cities that delight residents with old town charm, cultural offerings and easy access to nature.

Aarhus, Denmark

Living in: The world’s happiest places

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Eastern Australia’s tropical haven
Helicopters, snorkelling and a 50m crane allow visitors to experience the sights and sounds of the country’s glorious coast from every angle

Singapore, cycling, Pulau Ubin

Singapore’s curious bicycle island
Just a five-minute ferry ride from Singapore’s busy streets is Pulau Ubin, a near pristine oasis with some of the best city-fringe cycling and mountain biking in Southeast Asia.

Singapore, cycling

Singapore’s curious bicycle island

Hong Kong, China, ballet

Hong Kong’s tale of forbidden love
The Hong Kong Ballet is performing a Chinese-themed production for the first time ever, bringing to life a tale of forbidden love

Serbia, Kafanas, Belgrade

Where folk songs meet Serbian criminals
Kafanas – a traditional Serbian mix of English pub and Czech beer hall – are experiencing a renaissance as partygoers grow tired of Belgrade’s increasingly mainstream club scene.


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