Five health benefits of mulberry!



Mulberry is a sweet, delicious and nutritious fruit belonging to the Moraceae family.

They usually grow in a variety of temperate areas. People all over the world enjoy this berry. It has a lot of nutritious value and is packed with health benefits.

Here are some health benefits of the fruit:

Good for digestions: Mulberries contain dietary fiber which improves the digestive health by bulking up stool and reducing the occurrence of constipation, bloating, and cramping. Fiber also helps to regulate cholesterol levels and boosts heart health.

Prevents cancer: Mulberries contain high level of anti-oxidants which stunts the growth of prostrate cells and tumour growth.

Antioxidants: Mulberries are an excellent source of vitamin-C which is also a powerful natural antioxidant. Vitamin C in the fruit helps the body develop resistance against damage caused by free radicals.

Good for eyes: One of the carotenoids found in Mulberries contains zea-xanthin – an antioxidant that protects the retina from the harmful ultraviolet rays through light-filtering actions.

Controls blood sugar: Mulberries contain Flavonoid that controls the rise and fall of sugar level in patients. They also contain compounds that support balanced sugar which controls the blood sugar in diabetic patients.

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