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From 100,000 Feet Above, a Camera Recorded Incredible Footage

In this incredible story, a bunch of friends launched a weather balloon fitted with a GoPro camera near Arizona, United States in 2013 which has now been found by a hiker. The footage recorded will take your breath away.

According to The New York Times, the camera escalated about 100,000 feet into the stratosphere and shot footage of the Grand Canyon. After an hour and a half, the sounding balloon ruptured and the camera dropped back to Earth.

The footage includes rivers filmed from 86,558 feet above.

Apart from the bird’s-eye view recording, the four-minute video also shows the group preparing for the launch and data analysis of the flight.

The experiment was conducted by a group of students from Stanford University. Their aim was to use a unique camera technique they had created to modify the footage of the Grand Canyon, reports The New York Times.

We think this lost and found story is cool. What do you think?

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