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breakfast_625x350_41424868573hqdefault446837081.cmsOver the years, what started as almost a low budget action series with car racing & vehicular warfare as the backdrop has become a qualified Hollywood Blockbuster Franchise.

With each movie the budget, the scale and the craziness got bigger.

To put it as Tyrese Gibson says at one point in the movie “This takes crazy to a whole new level”.

Be warned, like any other F&F movie, this one too has some breath taking action sequences that defy logic & gravity. Steer clear if skydiving cars, fist fights, cheesy one liners and The Rock getting rid of his plaster on his arm with just a flick of biceps makes you cringe. This is true blue mainstream, over the top entertainer.

PlotDeckard Shaw(Jason Statham) , brother of Owen Shaw(the baddie for F&F 6) is an elusive rogue MI6 operative gone the wrong way. He has come out of shadows to avenge his brother. And is targeting Dom(Vin Diesel), Brian(Paul Walker) and their near & dear ones.

Dom & cronies take on Shaw & try to outdo him at every step. And this game of upmanship takes them on a global hunt from LA to London to Dubai & back to streets of LA.

Sub plots involve a hacker and her unique hacking program. A government operative(Kurt Russell) offering Dom & Co. help to capture Shaw in exchange of the hacker & her program.

F&F series were never known to be path breaking in sense of the stories. Furious 7 is no different.

It’s an extravaganza of mind boggling stunt sequences, pieced together. There is not a single dull moment. In fact as mentioned earlier, this one’s steps ahead of its predecessors. The budget & scale is bigger. And utilized very well. The movie bears a stylish & slick look throughout.

However the final showdown seems a bit stretched. But the fights involving Diesel & Statham and then Rock coming in the picture delivering some best lines, kind of make up for the flaws.

The emotional quotient is higher, compared to any of the previous movies. The scenes involving family bonding are well pictured and do make an impact.

The performances are not award winning. But everyone in the cast are true to the movie’s essence and are completely in character. Vin Diesel as the guy holding the family together, the big brother of the group is impressive. Paul Walker is very good in his last screen appearance. Michelle Rodriguez is good. Tyrese Gibson & Ludacrisare amazing as the jokers of the pack. They get some of the best funny lines & they deliver it with style. Jason Statham as the baddie does well. Rock in a glorified cameo is terrific.

Indian export Ali Fazal in a 2 scene role does leave a mark.

Overall, this one’s high on entertainment. Take this thrilling ride, if you are a fan of F&F franchise, this is more than satisfying. The back to back action sequences may get overwhelming at times, but this is a minor flaw.

A perfect farewell to Paul Walker. The climax scene where Dom & Brian race for one last time. And they look at each other. The camaraderie is amazing. They smile and at a fork of road, they separate ways. Brian drives into the sunset smiling. Dom wishing for his friend to be happy & safe forever drives away.

In spite of all the amazing action scenes. The serene climax scene makes the biggest impact. And you carry home this scene. It will keep playing in your mind, long after the screening. And that’s where Furious 7 wins. It becomes bigger than just another stylized Hollywood action franchise.


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