Gandhi questions Modi about Rafale Deal

Gandhi questions Modi about Rafale Deal

Gandhi questions Modi about Rafale Deal

Saturday saw new developments of rifts between Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The rifts developed over the issue of Rafale fighter aircrafts. Rahul Gandhi asked the Narendra Modi led BJP questions over the deal.

Arun Jaitley was also dragged into the rift by Rahul Gandhi. He added that Arun Jaitley recently conducted a press conference and talked about the Rafale deal in an elaborated way. There are a couple of questions Rahul Gandhi intends to ask to Arun Jaitley regarding the price of the aircraft, and how much was the price in comparison to the prices of the UPA Government. He even asked the BJP party questions regarding Hindustan Aeronautical Limited, and how it was sidelined this time. The company has been working and making aircrafts for over 60 years. However, the contracts this time were given to a novice company. Rahul Gandhi questioned as to why this happened? He even went ahead to question Cabinet Committee meetings in this regard. He asked, if the required permissions were taken in the meeting or not?

He said the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister worked on the decision without any further procedure. In fact, the Defence Minister did not know about the deal. Only Prime Minister knew about it. These questions were not answered by the Defence Minister, and since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took an arbitrary decision, he is being scrutinized this time. The issue according to Rahul Gandhi is that of national importance and national security. The issue is directly linked to the lives of the soldiers the country has lost.

Moreover, Rahul Gandhi even claims that the Parliament did not function during November 2017 because of the “involvement” and “infiltration” of Rafale and Jay Shah- that they ate too much!

The deal is said to be finalised by Prime Minister alone, on his own terms without discussing the procedure with anyone else. In fact, according to him, the aircrafts have been bought at a price three times of the prices that the UPA Government paid.

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