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Ganga – This VIDEO of the divine river will make your jaw drop! WATCH

The Ganga is considered to be a river from the heaven. Often referred to as Ganga Maiyya or Ganga Maa, the mighty Ganga, is auspicious not just spiritually but a sacred water-body that helps life sustain. Her immeasurable force and might knows no boundaries and she meanders through the plains melodiously after descending from the valiant Himalayas.

From her source in Gangotri in the north to her merger with the Bay of Bengal at Ganga Sagar in the east, Ganga is worshipped by her devotees. Visitors can witness spiritualism of a different kind at the banks on either side.

Here’s a video featuring the incredibly gorgeous journey of the river Ganga. Produced and composed by Ricky Kej, the composition has been woven with Shankar Mahadevan’s magical voice.

Here’s how the video has been described: “A dedication to the river Ganga showcasing its birth and following its journey. Devotion to the holy river Ganga is devotion to the life-giving element of water. The human vessel is a unified embodiment of the elements and to worship the healing element is to worship that in oneself and to heal oneself.”

The track is from the album ‘Shanti Samsara- Music for Environmental Consciousness’.

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