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How a gas cylinder delivery guy earns 36,000 INR per month on tips.



Today Indane gas delivery boy asked 30 rs extra for delivering gas cylinder. And my wife said no to him.Then the  delivery boy started  arguing with my wife. Later on the  delivery boy took back the full gas cylinder from our first floor door, and kept in ground floor and asked my wife to deliver empty cylinder to ground floor .

we reported the incidence to our Indane gas dealer Panaga agency on Sarjapura road. They said the rule is up to 3 km till first floor door step delivery is free as per IOC rule even you don’t have lift in your flat. If you have lift in your flat, they should not charge anything for delivering till door step for any floor. They called the delivery boy over phone n instructed to deliver the cylinder till door step without any additional charges. I just looked into van where he Carries all the cylinder. I found he had 40 cylinder. So 40*30 =1200 rs he gets everyday additional  So, thats around 36,000 INR per month.


Think about the head who operates such group, how much they earn in a day without any efforts. And later this money gets distributed among many corrupt ppl.they utilize such money for funding illegal activity. Please forward this ,so every consumers get to know what is actually correct and act accordingly. Don’t give away your hard earn money for funding illegal activity.


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