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‘Ghost particle’ found in space hints at existence of aliens: Researchers


London: A strange spectral-like ‘ghost particle’ discovered in debris gathered from outer space hints at possibility of alien life, say researchers.
Researchers at the University of Sheffield and the University of Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology have discovered a particle that they call it as ‘living balloon’, which they thought once used to carry microscopic alien organisms. They claim that it is the latest proof that aliens do exist.

Researcher Milton Wainwright insists that the particle, resembling a chiffon scarf with the width of a human hair and a ghostly appearance, was found in dust and particulate matter 27 kilometers above in the Earth’s stratosphere.

The particle is biological in nature, and is made of carbon and oxygen.

Wainwright added that they can speculate that in its space environment this ‘ghost particle’ is a living balloon which an alien microscopic organism might inflate with lighter than air gases, allowing it to float in the air or the seas of an unknown space environment.

Wainwright noted that the particle, which looks more like a collapsed balloon, however in its natural state is probably inflated, are like nothing previously found on Earth.

He added that it is amazing to note that they appear on the sampling stubs in an absolutely pristine condition with no contamination like pollen, grass or pollution particles.

He continued that they also produce tiny dents we call impact craters when they land on the sampler, so there is almost no doubt of their space origin.

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