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Going the vegan way: Five absurd myths debunked!


Many Bollywood as well as Hollywood celebrities are going the vegan way to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The latest star to join the vegan brigade is none other than actress Sunny Leone, who has taken this route due to health reasons.

Becoming a vegan isn’t easy. You have to give up so many things, which you’ve practically lived on since you were a kid.

Nevertheless, a vegan diet is absolutely healthy since it involves the consumption of all grains, beans, legumes, vegetables and fruits and the nearly infinite number of foods made by combining them.

It excludes the intake of foods that are produced by animals or animal-derived products like eggs, meat and dairy products.

However, many people have a wrong impression about a vegan diet. Of course, there are certain myths that accompany every practice, but it is also important to get your facts straight.

The list below can help you do just that! Take a look at five myths related to vegan diets that simply need to be busted!

Myth #1: Vegan diet tastes horrible
Healthy food has more often than not, been regarded as tasteless and awful. Just because a vegan diet consists of nothing but fruits and vegetables, doesn’t mean it won’t deliver what our taste buds need. A plant-based diet primarily consists of starchy, energy-rich vegetables such as potatoes, beans, and whole grains. All these can be used to make not just salads, but also a variety of delicious dishes. Vegans eat pasta, pizza, sweet potato lasagne and thick stews.

Myth #2: A vegan diet will drain your energy
Who said? The amount of vegetables and protein-rich grains and beans will not only make you feel satiated, but also keep your energy levels high. Vegans get the same amount of nutrients as non-vegans, just from different sources. You’ll be surprised to know that some of the fittest people in the world are vegans.

Myth #3: Vegan food is expensive
Really? A vegan diet includes staple items such as rice, potatoes, and beans, which are some of the cheapest things anyone can purchase in bulk at the grocery store. The fact is that, vegan diets are actually cheaper than any other diet as they don’t involve meat, eggs or other animal by-products which are actually more expensive.

Myth #4: No proof of plant-based diets being healthier than others
Low fat, low salt and low sugar are all features of a vegan diet. It has been proven that vegan diets can stop, prevent and reverse diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Vegetarians and vegan people are also known to have lower rates of heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes and obesity, making them much healthier than meat eaters.

Myth #5: Vegan diets don’t provide enough protein
Once again, vegan meals are rich in food products like whole grains, beans, tofu and legumes, which are rich in proteins. Meat and chicken aren’t the only sources of protein. Also, the fact that vegans need to ‘combine foods’ to get enough protein is a major misconception.

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