Google to shutdown its social network Google Plus after users data exposed to external developers


Google on Monday said that it has decided to shutdown its social media network Google+ after the company found that a bug in the social network had exposed the private data of its users to external developers which may have affected up to 500,000 accounts on Google+. The company has said that following an internal investigation in the issue, it has found that there was a bug in the software of Google+ which had exposed user data to outside developers during 2015-March 2018 time period.

Further speaking on the issue, Google has said that they have no evidence that any outside developer has misused users private data. Also the software giant mentioned that they have no proof whether this bug in the Google+ software was known by any outside developer.

Talking more about this software glitch, Google has said that a bug in people’s API has allowed applications to access a user’s private information including name, email, occupation, gender and age.

Following this incident, the software giant has now decided that it will shutdown Google+ operations for the consumers, however, it will remain as a product for enterprise users.

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