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All of us are put on this planet for a purpose. We are a part of the big picture. But very few people discover their purpose in life. Well, most of them just exist and keep counting rather than making their days count.
Gossip is something that is interesting and women’s love to gossip. But no, this is a misconception. Humans love to gossip. Any individual who can talk would love to gossip. It lets out the evil and mean side of yours to the society by presenting you as an ugly individual. And no one in the world wishes this to happen in their lives. So that is why whenever you get an opportunity to be alone with your loved ones, say best friends; you gossip.

What do you gossip?
In general, the most common sentences people would come across are these:
She is not a good person. You know the way she behaves in the public is insane. I do not really like the way she smiles, it irritates. She is a fake person. And most importantly she has a bad sense of fashion. The worst part is sometimes people tag you anonymously with the word characterless.

Humans feel superior by showing the inferior side of the other human. They feel superior by judging others. You never know what and how the person is feeling inside his/her mind. But let me be clear in this context. Gossip is like a mirror. If you speak twenty bad sentences about a person, just put yourself in the picture rather than imagining that person on whom you have to gossip. For example, imagine all the above sentences for yourselves which are there in the italics.

How do you feel? Give it a thought and imagine who you really want to be.
I must say this, gossip is a disease. Every individual seems to have caught up by the viral flu called gossip in this world. It spreads within no time from one person to another.

I have been mentoring many women and children, and what I have realized that is including me, a lot of people spend their time in gossiping. It makes us all happy, because we enjoy it. You know we feel good when we talk bad about others.

But this has to change. We are not just good; we are better. The only thing that makes us all to gossip about the other person is just because we have created a fake image in our own heads. You do not really know what the other person is going through in her/his life. You do not have any power to judge someone by their physical appearance or by their character.

Do this activity:
Sit with a person, whom you totally dislike. And speak to her/him with compassion.
Yes, I can guarantee you that you come across of all the amazing qualities of that person, which is simply not available in another human being.

How do you stop gossiping?
It solely depends on you. You are the one who has to decide what you want in your lives. Whenever you come across this thought of gossiping, take a break. I meant to put a full stop here for that random stupidest thought. And apologize for not to do it again.
Think about yourselves and review your thoughts. The word gossip, automatically disappears when you start concentrating on building up your strengths.
Constructive gossips are completely fine. I mean speak about all the things, whether it may be good, bad or worse. Yes, do this only by sitting next to the person on whom you want to gossip. Probably, you both would find solutions to the problems rather than talking behind the scenes.
You are beautiful. When you have the gratitude of having the voice share something that is useful. And that adds up positivity in your life. Change your perceptions, improve your thoughts. Subtract all the negative thoughts.
I repeat again, gossip; the thing which spreads unhappiness within no time, and it affects the nature of human being in a very bad way as well. Be gossip free.
Take charge 5x formula is all transforming the way you are and the way you want the world to be.
Stay empowered.

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