Green city’s dirty secret: Thousands of dead fish float in Bengaluru’s Ulsoor lake


Residents of Bengaluru who enjoy their morning walk around the Ulsoor lake were in for a shock on Monday when they saw thousands of dead fish floating washed up on its shores.

And, what caused the death of thousands of fish?: Rise in water pollution level.

The pollution level in the Ulsoor lake has been a cause of concern for some time now. The government and the municipal corporation may have announced many measures to clean up the lake but the dead fish tell another story.

The News Minute quoted Vaman Acharya, former chairman of the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, as saying that fish die in thousands every March.

As per Acharya, the fish die when the dissolved oxygen level decreases in the lake…untreated sewage flowing into the lake chokes the life out of the lake.

Last year, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) had installed a barrier in the lake to keep trash contained in one area. However, the effort seems to have not done much to improve the quality of water in the lake.

The Yamlur lake – one of the most polluted lakes in the city – was also in the news last year when it got covered with thick froth due to the untreated industrial pollutants dumped into it.

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