Hardik Patel allies with Congress to fight against BJP

Hardik Patel allies with Congress to fight against BJP

Hardik Patel allies with Congress to fight against BJP

In the latest news, Gujarat Elections seem to have taken a dramatic turn wherein the Indian National Congress is now a formal ally of the PAAS (Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti) led by Hardik Patel.

Hardik Patel who is currently seen surrounded with controversies in his kitty has decided to shake hands with the Indian National Congress on his own terms. He has asked the Congress Party to include the details of the Patidar reservation for their Gujarat Elections Manifesto.

Hardik Patel has sided with the Congress party, however, he has decided not to contest in the upcoming elections. The PAAS, according to Hardik Patel, will not ask for any “tickets” from the INC party. Moreover, there is not internal conflict or tribulation within the party members as well, on both the sides.

Hardik Patel did not come forward to appeal to the general public to vote for the Congress Party in the upcoming Gujarat Elections. He only allied with the Congress Party in order to save the people from the BJP party. He added that their fight was against the BJP party and the dirty politics they are playing. Hardik Patel will ensure this by supporting the Congress Party indirectly.

Patel further added that they are not appealing to the people to vote for the Congress Party simply because they want to leave this decision on the people to decide. They want people to have their individual rights in this fight against the BJP party.

Patidar leader Patel also claims of the attempts of horse trading being made with the PAAS conveners in Northern Gujarat. He accused BJP Party of offering 50 lakh INR and even using their “fear tactics.”


Hinting about the Patidar Reservation, Hardik Patel stated that the Congress Party will bring in the bill for the same when they will come in power after the Gujarat Elections are over.

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