Hazy CCTV footage shows trio which planted bombs


The very hazy images that the police have managed to get from the close circuit television in the area implicate three men who planted the bombs at Dilsukhnagar in Hyderabad.


Sources in the Special Investigation Team of the Hyderabad police told rediff.com  that while two among the trio planted the bombs, the third man was guiding them.

“There were three suspects at the spot. None of their faces are clear as the images are very hazy. The cameras were positioned to monitor the traffic, so the images of the three men have not been captured properly. These people were seen moving around the area half-an-hour before the blasts. Two of them were carrying bags which contained the bomb while the third person was instructing them,” said an official of the SIT.

He added, “Initially, all three of them were together. But they split up right before placing the bombs. Two of them placed the bombs 100 meters apart from each other”.

The report by the forensic sciences laboratory, which analysed the explosives found in the area, states that 900 grams of ammonium nitrate was used in one bomb and 500 grams in the other. The bombs also contained silver nitrate to magnify the impact of the blast.

Incidentally, silver nitrate was also used in the twin blasts that had hit Hyderabad in 2007. The compound was found in the two bombs that were placed at Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat.

The bombs were placed inside a tiffin box and concealed in a bag, to prevent rousing any kind of suspicion.  The bags, with the bomb in them, were hung on the handles of a bi-cycle, said sources in the SIT team


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