He didn’t admire his dad, until he discovered a secret gift years later

More often than not, parents are a child’s first role model. Someone they admire and revere – hoping to be like them in appearance and character when they grow up. But what if they are not? What if a young boy doesn’t like his single parent, his father, for being poor and unsuccessful? Is character above money?
‘Gift’, a short film about a father-son duo will touch your heart and send tingles down your spine. It will also answer all those questions that we asked above.
The father in this video is hard-working and seems to be happy and content with what he earns, unlike his son.
“Why are we not rich?” the son asks his father. “Who says we are not? Being rich is not about what you have, but how much you give,” says the father. The son doesn’t seem to understand the true meaning of his father’s words. He grows up to be a working professional and moves to another city, always making excuses to not visit his father.
His heart-broken and lonely father dies. When the son visits his childhood home to bid his final good-bye to his father, he unravels a secret that moves him to tears and makes him sorry for always misunderstanding his father.

Watch to find out what his father’s big secret is (it will well up your eyes)

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