He Dropped Out Of School in Class Nine. Now 16, He Runs Two Companies


The Humans of Bombay Facebook page often shares some beautiful and inspiring stories. This one is definitely among them.

A post shared a few hours ago tells the story of 16-year-old maverick Angad Daryani who quit regular school to learn from the school of life.

“I dropped out of school when I was in the 9th grade, because I didn’t want to rote learn concepts anymore,” says the teen in the Facebook post, explaining that people fail to come up with new ideas and end up “memorizing theories from a book…only to forget them later.”

He didn’t believe in the grading system either and was home-schooled instead. All this was possible because of his understanding parents. “When I was 10, I went up to my dad and said I wanted to build a Hover Craft and instead of ridiculing my idea, he asked me to go for it,” he says in the post.

Angad has had a talent for making new things since he was little, learning from TV shows, tutorials by Make Magazine, or from the engineers at his father’s office.

An entrepreneur now, the 16-year-old currently runs two companies “which create products that engender curiosity and innovation.” He and his team also developed a Virtual Brailler that converts any PDF document into Braille while working with Dr Ramesh Raskar of MIT.

You just have to read this prodigy’s story in its entirety to discover why he returned to school and what his hopes are for the country.

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