Questions raised about Nagaland rapist hanging


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By now you all have heared and seen in the news, a Bangladeshi (alleged) Syed Sarif Uddin Khan had been lynched by a mob on Thursday. The 2000-strong mob had broken into the Central prison in Dimapur, where he was in judicial custody on rape charges, paraded him naked through the town, beat him to death and hung his body from a clock tower.

To begin with how much Indian he was for all pseudo nationalist.

Facts are here for you. Sarif came from a respectable family of Bosla Village in Karimganj District of Assam. His father late Syed Hussain Khan worked for the Indian Air Force and retired from Air Force Station, Kumbhirgram (Dist Cachar Assam). Sarif’s mother draws her family pension from IAF.

Sarif’s late brother Iman Uddin Khan was in Indian Army, took part in the Kargil War against Pakistan in 1999. He was injured in the war and succumbed to his injuries later.

Sarif’s two other brothers are also presently serving in Indian Army – Havildar Jamal Uddin Khan is in Assam Regiment, posted at Diphu and another brother Kamal Khan is a personnel in Assam Regiment and presently posted at a location in Arunachal Pradesh.

Yes.. He is a Bangladeshi, because he is a Muslim and he can speak Bengali.


Now the rape charge. Yesterday all electronic media termed him a rapist and illegal bangladesgi migrant. Arnab Gobarswami went one step ahead and called him rapist & bangladeshi continuoulsy.

Mediacl report says the girl was not raped. SP of Dimapur, Nagaland confirms that the girl blackmailed the boy for Rs 2 lakh. He didn’t pay and rape case was filed. CCTV cameras has recorded both entering / leaving hotel together.

Three senior officials of Dimapur, including the SP and the central jail chief, were suspended on Friday and a judicial inquiry was oredred.



Every time a hate speech is delivered from a political stage that Muslim living in Assam, West Bengal are not Indian. The hate imbibed in the people by all these hate owners. Yes there are illegal migration problem, but not with every one. If Mohammed Shami performs, some crummy media will go and ask his father whether he is Indian first or blah blah. Now after these inquiry and reports, these crummy media will apologise.

Can you imagine 2,000 people can break central jail without the help of authorities of jail and state government ??

Welcome to Nagaland’s jungle raaj.

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