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Here’s why you should eat 10 dates everyday!


The benefit of having dates

Dates, also known as Khajoor are one of the most nutritious dry fruits. However, do you know that for overall health, you should have no less than 10 dates per day? Here’s why.

Low in fat

Dates are free from cholesterol and are low in fat — being sweet in taste also gives them an added advantage of doubling up as a tasty dessert!


Dates provide us with plenty of proteins — proteins are the building blocks of our body and helps to build up immunity.


Dates contain vitamins like B1, B2, B3, and B5, as well as A1 and C — having 10 dates complete your per day quota of vitamins easily.

Provides energy

Dates provide you with instant energy — keep some in your office desk for a quick snack — you can have them whenever you feel hungry. The added advantage: Its so tasty!


Dates are packed with potassium and have very less sodium — this is very good to maintain a healthy nervous system as well — the potassium present in dates prevents stroke and keeps your heart healthy.


Dates is a rich source of iron — those suffering from iron deficiency can easily include iron in their diet. Iron also prevents weakness and maintains our optimum haemoglobin.

Prevents constipation

Those who suffer from constipation should have dates soaked in water everyday. This will easy out your bowel system.

Weight gain

If you are suffering from excess weight loss, then dates can help you gain some mass (however, they do not lead to weight gain). They are also an effective remedy against hangover.


It is said that couples who are looking to revive their love life should consume dates. Soak some dates in goat’s milk overnight and consume it the next morning.

Abdominal cancer

Regularly having dates can help cure abdominal cure — it helps too much acid formation in your stomach and helps keep your stomach cool.


Do you know that having just two dates will give you 40gm of carbohydrates and that too instantly? Dates are packed with nutrients that keeps you energetic all through the day.


Dates are rich in fiber that help in maintaining the blood pressure and also helps in keeping our stomach functioning properly.

Teeth And Bones

Dates are high in manganese that helps in calcium absorption, giving us good teeth and good bones.

Skin benefits

Dates are full of vitamins, B1, B2, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium — these not only make us healthy but also make our skin soft and supple.


Since dates are a good source of Vitamin C and P, it helps keep the skin elastic and prevents premature ageing. It helps prevent wrinkles.


Dates prevent oxidation in your body (that causes ageing) — It also prevents the accumulation of melanin in your body. It is widely known as the elixir of life.

Skin problems

Vitamin B contained in dates is considered to be highly beneficial for your skin — if vitamin B is deficient in your body, it can lead to various health-related issues.


Date oil can also be the perfect massage oil since the oil extracted from it can treat various skin problems — it heals cuts and scars as well.

Hair follicles

Having just 2-3 dates per day will strengthen your hair follicles and make your hair soft, supple and shiny — dates are considered as an ideal food for your hair.

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