Hillary Clinton puts ‘biggest crack in glass ceiling’: World media reacts to her big night


Media headlines from Tuesday would be quoted and referred to for a long time in the future as Hillary Clinton “put the biggest crack in the glass ceiling yet”, as a CNN report put it.

Clinton created history by becoming the first woman ever in the United States to be nominated for the US Presidential elections by a major political party. And on Thursday when she delivered her first speech as the formal democratic nominee, the world was all ears. In fact, according to an article in Time, parents stayed up late and delayed their children’s bed time to watch Clinton’s historic speech.

But, Hillary Clinton is no stranger to limelight or controversy. As former First Lady or as Foreign Secretary of United States, Clinton has had her days with the press. But Thursday was her day as the international media quaffed every word she said at the convention.

‘Hillary Clinton makes history’ was an obvious choice for a headline for quite a few publications. After an initial report about Clinton making history, ABC News opined that Clinton’s nomination has more or less, united a divisive array of voices from the Democratic camp. Giving Clinton the credit of binding together the different opinions through her “progress speech”, the article called the mood within the democratic faction more or less forthcoming for her. “Somehow, though, the room swayed but never tipped against Clinton this week,” the article read.

However, reports in Time and The New York Times were a little more cautious in allowing that the Democratic faction has really united in favour of Clinton. The New York Times article said the job of courting Sanders voters is not yet accomplished. “Total unity has been elusive, and could remain so. As Mrs Clinton accepted the nomination, some Sanders delegates stood stone-faced, occasionally booing or silently protesting,” the article read.

On the other hand, even as Time reported that a small group of Sanders supporters cancelled their plan to walk out of the convention during Clinton’s speech, the article also quoted some of them as saying, they barely stayed on out of “respect” for what this may mean for some people, especially women. “It never came together really,” the Time article quotes a Bernie supporter as saying.

There were varying accounts of Bernie supporters shouting “No more wars” in the convention to interrupt Clinton. Clinton too in her speech conceded that the support is not unanimous. “I hear you,” she acknowledged these slogans with that simple remark and in a fresh attempt to broaden base with Bernie supporters, she reiterated her campaign motto “Stronger together.” In a shout out to her presidential nominee rival’s supporters, Clinton said “Your cause is our cause.”

But Clinton is not a novice in the game of politics. “Sometimes the people at this podium are new to the national stage. As you know, I’m not one of those people,” she said, preparing to highlight her long career in the public eye. Thus, given her kind of experience and political panache, it was only natural for Clinton to strike that one chord that unites everyone in the Democratic camp — attacking Donald Trump.

Hitting out at Trump, Clinton said, “A man you can bait with tweets is not a man we can trust with weapons”, and likewise the International media picked up her jibe to coin eye-catching headlines. An article by The Telegraph was titled Hillary Clinton says ‘little men’ like Donald Trump are too volatile to be president as she becomes first female nominee, while Business Insider picked up the aforementioned jibe as a headline for their report.

“He losses his cool at the slightest provocation, imagine him at the Oval office facing a real crisis,” she said mocking Trump. All in all, Clinton’s speech embodied several witty jibes aimed at Trump that would ring emotionally with those opposed to him. Thus, lashing out at her rival, Clinton scored many points amid the anti-Trump faction.

However, ABC Australia opined that merely “tearing into Donald Trump won’t win her hard core Hilary Clinton haters.” Commenting at the Democratic nominees speech at the convention, the article said, “If there was a subtext to the key message that Hillary Clinton would make a great liberal president, it was that Donald Trump won’t make a good conservative one.” Even President Obama’s speech to back Hillary Clinton translated to a similar effect, according to the article.

Meanwhile, some media reports also chose to circle around former President and Hillary’s spouse Bill Clinton. Chicago Tribune, came up with a piece playing up on the nostalgia that how the roles of the Clinton couple were reversed. As Bill Clinton watched his wife take centrestage and gleam in the spotlight, the article called it “the type of role reversal Americans will need getting used to.” The article also mentioned how spoofs and memes are circulating commenting on Bill’s attire as that is what First Ladies are subjected to; it is what they have gotten used to.

Regardless of whether or not Hillary Clinton makes it to the White House and irrespective of what her critics and the media make out of her presidential campaign, the fact that she is the first woman to come as close will remain with her.

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