How beautiful is your mind ?


What’s a beautiful mind all about

Let me start with this simple example .Imagine two people are walking along a narrow sidewalk towards each other, and there is no room to pass without one of them stepping into a muddy gutter ,neither of them can independently get out of the situation without ending up in a worse position ,now one could either hold on to the other to help them both step round without having to get muddy feet or one could be selfish and push the other into the gutter and walk away clean .

A loving heart makes a beautiful mind

So to me a beautiful mind is free from malice, schemes and hate and is filled with brilliant colors of love unselfishness and sacrifice which are capable of covering up imperfections of self and others rather than focusing on the flaws. It is always conscious with truth and beauty in goodness and rearranges matter of complications to find its way back to clarity and simplicity without much noise .

Beauty lies in your mind not in your body or face

A beautiful body and a beautiful face without a beautiful mind can be boring. A beautiful mind without a beautiful body or a beautiful face is captivating .People are spending fortunes on them selves to look more attractive physically .diets ,cosmetics ,gyms,surgery and what not.But there’s an easier way to become a beautiful person.It doesn’t cost fortunes and doesn’t have to be physical

Beauty lies is in the way you think

No matter how you look,if you have a mind that thinks positively,is fascinating, creative, exciting – if you’re a good thinker ,your thoughts are making a difference in making your life beautiful then you can be beautiful because you have a beautiful mind .And do remember OUR PHYSICAL BEAUTY CAN BE ENHANCED BY THINKING BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTS .

A beautiful mind sees beauty in everyone and everything..

A pure and simple mind which sees goodness in others and in all situations is beautiful .It pictures an overflowing light of sunshine and happiness as it is absorbed looking for beauty in every person ,creature or thing which creates a pleasant positive energy in one’s surroundings and it senses awes of appreciation and gratitude which fill the heart with joy .

A beautiful mind sees beauty in nature

Being an ardent lover of Mother Earth my mind just brims with happiness and becomes one with the beautiful nature. The beauty around and the cool breeze cleanses my mind to purify it with greater and brighter thoughts and images beyond horizons .The mind gets bound to this beauty and creates beautiful thoughts which when shared with one’s soul and with other souls give joy and bliss .

A beautiful mind is a good listener and is calm and composed

You cannot have a beautiful mind if you do not know how to listen,listening is more important then talking . A calm mind is perfectly at ease with itself, with everything and everyone around it. It’s a mind which is tranquil and serene, no matter how busy or quiet life may be. Meditation is a good tool to give us serenity and tranquility along with equanimity in all situations to develop a beautiful mind .

A beautiful mind is full of gratitude

It is always grateful ,kind ,forgiving ,understands, appreciates, remembers, cherishes, hopes, trusts, endures and heals with goodness.Spending life chasing things we haven’t got which we think will make us happy makes us so busy that we forget to notice the things we already have, the people in our lives ,the fortunate circumstances in which we live which many others are deprived There is nothing beautiful about a mind which is always craving for more.

A beautiful mind is an open mind

Be willing to consider or receive new and different ideas ,they help in critical thinking ,reasoning , being flexible and adaptive to new experiences and ideas People who are open minded are more accepting of others, have fewer prejudice , are more optimistic and make the most of life.They have less stress being more open to change and thus have better problem solving skills.

A beautiful mind is an exploring mind

A free, exploring mind is the most valuable thing in the world. An exploring mind is open to all possibilities to change ,to analyze situations with others perceptions and to be creative and realize that their can be other beautiful positive dimensions to ideas .You will agree that exploring new ideas is any day more beautiful then arguing over an idea .Argumentation is never beautiful .

A beautiful mind agrees to disagree gently

Gentle disagreement is more beautiful than aggressive disagreement You may agree or disagree in some parts or in toto but remove your ego from the discussion Never treat differences of opinion as a bad thing .Many a time differences are due to different experiences and values and thus opinions vary .So put your opinion forth without disagreeing with the opinion of others .Sometimes one can challenge certainty of the others perception by suggesting other likely possibilities.

A beautiful mind does not flaunt cleverness ,ego or arrogance

Being egoistic ,arrogant and showing of you are clever is not wisdom.Being interesting is more beautiful .Don’t bore ,do no harm , ,be brief ,be positive,if nobody is responding to your conversation then stop .Be a good listener ,talk about what interests others by finding out their interests and hobbies .Bring humor in :it works wonders and don’t forget the charisma of your smile and laughter.Be passionate ,modulate your voice don’t just sweat the words .

A beautiful mind is all about self awareness

Each of us has been created with beautiful mind .We need to be aware of the subtle tricks of our minds to remain in awareness.The mood of our minds keeps shifting due to comparisons,beliefs and conflicts Our negative emotions have a great power on our mind .Emotions, fear ,ego and arrogance may restrict our viewpoints to be beautiful and valuable.They can convincingly distort the truth without our awareness.So be mindful and aware !!!

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