How Salman Khan Spoiled Ravindra Patil’s Life in Hit and Run Case

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has been sentenced as guilty in the 2002 Hit & Run Case. The case has been going on for the past 13 years and finally the sentence was passed as guilty. There was outrage from all over on hearing that the Khan has been given a jail term of five years.

Recently a blogger Soumyadipta Banerjee, had penned down the details of Salman Khan’s “Hit and Run” case. Soumyadipta had written in detail about the trials and tribulations of the main witness Mr. Ravindra Patil. All through the noise, a feeble voice of a dying man had finally made it to the ears of the law.

This is about Ravindra Patil, the deceased bodyguard of Salman Khan. His statement to the police has finally nailed the superstar. The disastrous effect Salman Khan’s trial had on his life that ultimately killed him. But on Salman Khan’s say so, the blogger deleted the contents of the blog. Banerjee later posted an apology on his blog.

Below there is a blow by blow account that was penned by Banerjee about the deceased Ravindra Patil. Not sure if all of it is true, but are quiet sure that the story will touch your heart and make you re-think.

In Salman Khan’s 2002 Hit & Run Case; one man became the cynosure of all eyes; that man was constable Ravindra Patil. He was the prime witness of the case. His testimony was considered as the most important one. But to be a prime witness against such a popular and influential person like Salman Khan is like a sword hanging on your head.

Ravindra Patil was being pressurized to change his statement time and again. His seniors too apparently were asking him to re-think his decision. Some people wanted him to say that Salman Khan was not drunk, on the other hand some wanted him to say that Salman Khan was drunk at the time of the incident. But Patil stood fast on his statement he had given earlier. Ultimately all the pressure tactics worked and Patil had a nervous breakdown.

What caused Ravindra Patil’s nervous breakdown?

Being just a constable, Patil was under pressure and he would always try to duck the media. On the other hand Salman Khan had hired the best lawyers who were gearing up to cross examine Patil. Suddenly one day Patil vanished, his brother lodged a missing complaint.

When the court realized that Patil was absent in the witness-box after five consecutive hearings, it issued an arrest warrant against Patil. Thus the man who remained loyal to his job, soon became a hunted man. On hearing about the court orders, Patil was sacked from his job by his seniors. Ravindra Patil to escape the trial had hidden himself in a small hotel in Mahabaleswar. He used to come over to Mumbai to meet his wife and family. He just wanted to stay away from Salman Khan’s case. He had many a time asked his friends from the police force to help him. But none could do so as he was the prime witness. One day a special police team arrested Patil and produced him at court, the next day he was sent to the notorious Arthur Road jail, where most of the high-profile criminals are lodged.

In Arthur Road jail, Ravindra Patil was incarcerated in a separate cell like a serial killer. Patil submitted fervent pleas that he doesn’t want to be grouped with criminals at the Arthur Road jail but to no avail.

Twice, Patil filed applications saying that he is a witness and that he be held at Unit nine of the Crime Branch and twice the court ignored the application.

By the time Patil was let out of jail, his family had disowned him and the Mumbai Police too had thrown him out of the force. Completely devastated by the blows fate was delivering him, Patil once again went missing. He was found but in a terrible state at Sewri Municipal hospital in 2007. It seems that had been living on streets, where he had contracted a drug-resistant tuberculosis. A healthy good looking man ultimately due to constant stress became just a bag of bones lying on bed number 189 of ward number four on the fourth-floor of Sewri TB Municipal Hospital.

Ravindra Patil Before and after pictures

Nobody had come to see him for a year. Soon Death took Patil away from the harshness of life, but even in death there was no peace for the man. No one came forward to perform his last rites. In the end, his brothers did the same. Before his death, Patil said to a friend, “I stood by my statement till the end, but my department did not stand by me. I want my job back, I want to survive. I want to meet the Police Commissioner once.”

Constable Ravindra Patil’s eye-witness accounts are still the most important documents in the 2002 Hit-and-Run case involving Salman Khan. It is now a case of homicide after a thorough re-examination of other witnesses.

Watch the video below to know a little something about Ravindra Patil’s pain.

Salman’s former bodyguard battles for life.

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