How the Obama, Hillary Clinton hug sparked an ultimate Photoshop showdown


After Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) ended, he and HiLlary Clinton shared an intimate moment on stage. Stevie Wonder’s Signed, Sealed, Delivered played in the background as the pair embraced showing the unity of the democratic forces.

Ofourse, Redditors found this to be a golden opportunity to engage is a Photoshop battle to edit the current president and the president hopeful into more romantic and weird situations.

Here are the best of the photoshopped images, but proceed at your own risk:
The one where Hillary Clinton and Obama play their version of Where’s Waldo?

Image: Myphotoshopaccount/Reddit

The one where they are trying to pull-off a Jack and Rose Titanic pose: “I’m on top of the World!!”
Note: Don’t miss the name of the ship.

Mage: Davinci_/Reddit

Here’s the secret triangle of the Illuminati:

Image: Sanguinepar/Reddit

Here are both the candidates for the American Presidential race of 2016:

Image courtesy: Reddit

Guess whose starring in the next Nicholas Sparks film?
The poster looks very promising.

Image courtesy: Martybitchtits/Reddit

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