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If you have a Shivlinga at home, never do these things!


The power of a shivling at home

If you have taken the effort to establish a shivling at home, then care must be taken to not offer some things to the Shivling — as we all know, inviting the wrath of Lord Shiva can land all of us in trouble! Here are the things you should not do if you have a Shivling at home.

Secluded corner

Don’t establish the Shivling at a place where you can’t worship it everyday — make sure that you keep it in a clutter free and clean space where you can pray to it everyday


Turmeric is said to enhance the beauty of a woman, however it should not be offered to a Shivling, since that is a symbol of the male deity Shiva.


One should not offer sindoor or vermilion to a Shivling, since sindoor is used by women to increase the life span of their husbands and since Shiva is the God of destruction, he should not be offered such things.

Changing positions

If you are changing the position of the Shivling, make sure that you wash it with some gangaajal and cold milk before keeping it at a separate place.

Cold milk

If you are offering milk to the Shivling, then do not do so directly from the packet, make sure that you use a kitchen utensil for it — the milk should be ice cold, never mind the weather outside.


Make sure that the Shivling is made up pf either Gold, silver or brass — the idol of Shiva should have a snake attached to his body.

Water fountain

When keeping the Shivling at home, make sure that its water fountain is maintained all through the day and night and does not stop flowing.

Keep idols

When establishing Shivling, make sure that you keep an idol of Gauri and Ganesh along with it. The Shivling should not be kept on its own.

Tulsi leaves

Don’t ever offer Tulsi leaves to the Shivling. Always offer only Bael leaves to Lord Shiva as it is considered to be auspicious.


Everyday, after bathing, make sure that you apply a sandalwood tilak on the Shivling. It is said that it keeps the idol cool and pure.

Coconut water

It is said that you should never offer coconut water as an offering to the shivling. You can offer raw coconuts though.


Wood apple popularly known as Bael is a fruit that represents longevity — it is said that offering this fruit to Lord Shiva everyday can increase your life span.


Before starting any puja or ritual, the shivling should be first offered Panchamrit, which is a mixture of milk, ganga jal, sugar and water.

White flowers

When it comes to flowers, a Shivling should only be offered white flowers — it is said that white flowers pleases Lord Shiva.

Cursed flowers

This apart, it is said that one should never offer kewda and champa flowers to a Shivling. It is said that these flowers have been cursed by Lord Shiva.


When doing abhishek of the Lord, it is said that it should always be done in a naag yoni stand which is made up of gold, silver or brass.

Don’t consume

It is said that one should never consume anything that is offered to a Shivling. Doing this can make bad luck fall on you. One should always donate whatever is offered to God.

Other cosmetic items

Just like Sindoor, one should not offer any other cosmetic items to the Shivling. Such items can be used for the idols of goddess Parvati.

Steel stand

While doing Abhishek of the Shivling, make sure that you never use a steel stand — the stand should either be made in gold, silver or brass.


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