In Conversation with Atechnos co-founder Abhinav Jain


Sunil Mantri(SM): Can you tell In brief about what Atechnos is all about.

Abhinav Jain(AJ): Abhay Techno Services Pvt. Ltd. (Atechnos) is an emerging leader in digital consulting, content distribution, partnership development, and broadcasting technology outsourcing service. We provide business consulting, technology outsourcing services to worldwide clients building enterprises today with the goal for tomorrow. Atechnos proposes an innovative delivery model, based on the principles of taking work and people to the location where the best talent is available, where it makes the best economic sense, with the least risk and highest productivity. We have global footprints with consultants connected in the US, India, China, Australia, Japan, Middle East, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Canada and many other countries. We believe in building strategic long­term client relationship.

SM: How did the idea of starting Atechnos came to you ?

AJ: Entrepreneurship is in our blood. Our father drove a truck, and later he began a cloth business on his own. Now he helps the farmers fulfill their daily needs via financing. After finishing MBA, Apurv has worked in Embedded communication services space with CIBER and PARCH specific to STB. Nowadays STBs are coming up with IP and Android-based technology, and we figured apart from TV channels other entertainment services can be enabled with this box like utility app, games, videos App, video on demand services. ATECHNOS clicked while when we both (Abhinav and Apurv )were pitching for their another idea DocnTalk to the venture capitalist. Later we decided to start all theses services for our customers.

SM: Was it easy to start or you had to face challenges to begin?

AJ: As we said, life is tough and last five years were not easy either. You never know what will appeal to the market, but you continue to explore as long as you are in right direction. Before moving to entertainment, media, content industry, we launched three portals. www.docntalk.com (a site for professional doctors), www.circuitsea.com ( eCommerce marketplace for students), www.pricepandit.com (price comparison crawler) and in all the three projects we did not get the success we were seeking. After that, we started to providing services in entertainment domain, which turned out to be the turning point for us.

SM: In a short time span Atechnos has grown fivefold. What is the success secret ?

AJ: There are two things here – Starting the company and running the business. To launch the business, you need the idea, direction, and commitment. Apurv says my family is the main reason behind starting Atechnos. When I was working for other companies, Abhinav used to tell me “you are not here to become an employee you are here to become employer” and that gives the motivation to start our venture. Full name of Atechnos is “Abhay Techno Services” which starts with the name of father Mr.Abhay Modi.

Running the business is a whole different story though, where the success depends on only one thing – “your commitment to the customers.” Today our clientele includes some of the most trusted brands in India and world. We believe in doers and putting some extra efforts to your client takes you to an entirely different level called success.

SM: Are things changing and conditions becoming more favorable for startups in India.

AJ: Absolutely yes, Now startups are getting more support from National Institutions, Investors are heavily investing on innovative minds. There are platforms and forums to showcase your idea and gain the capital. Recently we were invited to a conference to join the panel for exploring media-based startups, and it was fascinating to see how the bright minds of India are challenging the workplace, processes, and products.

SM: Did you raise funds from any venture capital etc.? how was the experience?

AJ: Not yet, Atechnos is a bootstrapped company. Still independent, Abhinav laughed.

SM: Do you plan to add up new products in coming days

AJ: The world is changing faster than expected and we have to change ourselves to fit into the change. Atechnos also entered in different domains other than entertainment & media, and we launched two more online products called Thali (Full Meal at Rs 70 Rs ) and Postpaid Connect (Online market of postpaid connection ) currently both products are providing services in NCR region, and we are planning to expand nationally.

SM: Can you tell about New Products Brief.

AJ: I) Thali- Thali App brings the lip‐smacking good food of your choice to your doorstep. There is a variety of yummy dishes to choose from every day. So you can check the day’s menu and place an order at a convenient price. We believe that just having anything or a second best at lunch is not enough. So break the mundane, and make the lunch time a celebration time of delicious mouth watering food. We are here to help you. Enjoy your food, enjoy the time you get back in your day, and most of all, enjoy the happy feeling of being taken care. Whether you woke up late or just don’t feel like cooking – let us handle the food. Your only job is to enjoy every minute of it.

II) Postpaid Connect: Post Paid Connect is India’s 1st neutral on‐line marketplace to compare the most useful post-paid mobile plans for individual and corporate customers in Delhi and NCR. Our vision is to empower mobile customers by facilitating them in comparing postpaid offers by various telecom companies. Moreover, we have systems in place that assures every transaction conducted on our website is safe and their information is secure. Our team includes ex‐employees of India’s major telecom brands such as Idea Cellular, Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance Communication, TATA Indicom, etc.

SM: What are Atechnos future goal

Our vision is to evolve Atechnos to Abhay group of companies. Currently, we are emerging as leaders in media, content distribution, development, and aggregation. Our consumer apps like Thali and PPC are giving us an edge in the B2C market which is the start of our consumer-focused journey to enter in daily needs focused markets in FMCG, Media, and Technology. India is an exponentially growing market and has potential to take the leadership in world business market. We would like to be a flagship brand in the success story of India.

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