In Maharashtra Drought leads to death of 7 peacocks

Osmanabad: In Marathwada the drought has not only affected the humans but the animals are also kicked by this drought. In Balaghat sanctuary, near Yermala 7 peacock died as they did not get enough water to drink.


From past two days the birds were in search of water, but, they did not get water to drink. In Yermala, Subhash Ghongde found a peacock in his farm that was dying because of thirst. He even gave water to the bird, but, it was beyond the bounds of possibility to save the bird. The bird had sought asylum in Subhash Ghongde’s farm.


The forest officials in the sanctuary also affirmed that the peacocks died because of water scarcity.


Now along with humans, the animals also have to wander in search of water. In this district, many animals dwell in Balaghat Mountain. But in this acute drought it is difficult for the animals to get water.


After this incident, it is expected that the animals must be provided with water. While the forest department is paying no heed to this.


The forest officials also confirmed that, water holes were built for the animals, but water was not poured into the water holes which lead to the death of these birds.

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Source: jai maharashtra news

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