India welcomes Apple iPhone X


India welcomes Apple iPhone X

The Apple iPhone X has arrived now in India. The new X series would be available to pre-order a week before its official release date is the 3rd of November. The new entrants in the market- iPhone 8 and 8 plus, the other two ends of this ‘Apple’ triangle have been available for a month now. While the final end of this triangle will be available from October 27, 2017, at 89,000 INR, for the 64GB variant, and 1,02,000 INR for the 256GB variant.

Apple announced the official release date for iPhone X, for sale in three countries this time- India, The US, and the UK. The pre-order service from October 27, 2017, however, apart from India, will also be available in China, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, France, Russia, the US, and the UK.

iPhone X is the first of its kind to have been adopting a ‘bezel-less’ design language. Other features include a 5.8-inch display, a new and revolutionary OLED screen display, which is going to be HDR capable of running all your Dolby Vision and other video content easily and smoothly. The device also comes with an HDR10 vision, for catering to the needs of all of your 4K content.

The iPhone X is the first Apple device to have such features. Along with the ones mentioned above, iPhone X comes with a Face ID technology, a new camera system, also known as true-depth, which will take help of the sensors that would sit above your display, and will be able to map your facial aesthetics, with the help of at least 30,000 invisible dots which will further help you unlock your device.

As far as the processor for the new iPhone X is concerned, it comes with a built-in A-11 Bionic processor, which is going to be 75% faster than the processors preceding it. It also comes along with an engine that can perform up to 600bn operations simultaneously. This would promise to give you an enhanced real-time processing. The device uses artificial intelligence algorithms, which is the foundation of the new Face ID feature.


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