Indian-Origin Entrepreneur Elected Head of Global Firm


London: A leading Indian-origin entrepreneur has been elected as the head of the Bureau of International Recycling, a global organisation that facilitates free and fair trade of recyclables in a sustainable and competitive world economy.

Ranjit Singh Baxi, chairman of J & H Sales (International) ltd, will serve a two-year term as president of the Brussels-based recycling association.

The election was held at the association’s World Convention & Exhibition in Dubai last Tuesday.

The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) is a global recycling industry, headquartered in Brussels, association representing more than 700 companies from the private sector and 40 national trade federations from 70 different countries, including India.

In his acceptance speech, Mr Baxi recalled the famous words of Mahatma Gandhi, who said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.

“This, Gandhi believed can only be achieved if you lose yourself in the service of others,” Mr Baxi said.

Mr Baxi, who succeeded Bjorn Grufman, a Swede, noted that the precursor of climate change is the reduction of carbon emissions.

“Recycling does exactly that. Since 2000 we have saved over 10 billion tonnes of carbon emissions, at a time when carbon dioxide levels are rising having both economic and ecological effects,” he said.

He also referred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative called “Swatch Bharat”, a campaign which would help to reduce waste and promote recycling.

He emphasised that recyclables must be provided with free passage globally by reducing Trade Barriers and minimum legislative controls.

We must also work together to ensure that both the volumes and quality of recyclables are enhanced and that recycling is always kept at the forefront of all Climate change discussions.”

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