Indo-Canadian Man Missing for Over 20 Days, Police Suspect Murder


TORONTO: A 22-year-old Indo-Canadian has been missing and police believe he may have been killed and his body encased in concrete slab and dumped or buried on some rural property in the country’s southern Ontario.

Shawn Kapadia from Mississauga may have been killed on July 5 and investigators believe his body was moved from Toronto to a home on O’Reilly’s Road South in Ontario.

He was reported missing by his parents to police on July 10. A backhoe was seen at the Wainfleet home and later observed leaving with a large chunk of concrete in its front bucket. Police said the backhoe was last seen driving on the afternoon of July 12, CBC News reported.

“It is likely that this backhoe was borrowed or taken without consent,” Detective Dave Dickinson said.

Police haven’t been able to locate the concrete slab, and are asking for the public’s help in looking for it.

Forensics officers, meanwhile, spent more than 24 hours searching the Wainfleet home.

Mr Dickinson said there have been no arrests in the case so far, though he said the case is progressing quickly.

Police found blood inside the townhouse, as well as a footprint beside the door, evidence that’s still visible.

Mr Dickinson said Mr Kapadia is known to police, though wouldn’t elaborate on the man’s background.

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