Infographic: Here’s how much our MPs lunch is subsidised


Parliament canteens serving to Members of Parliament got a total subsidy of Rs 60.7 crore during the last five years with items like ‘puri sabji’ being sold at 88 percent subsidised rates, an RTI reply shows.
The response shows that the canteens in Parliament serve 76 mouth watering dishes which have been subsidised from over 150 per cent to about 63 percent.

The canteens which are being run by Norther Railway procure raw items from Government run agencies like Kendriya Bhandar, Mother Dairy and DMS etc.
The reply shows that canteens received a subsidy of Rs 10.4 crore, 11.7 crore, 11.9 crore, 12.5 crore and 14 crore during the years 2009-10, 2010-11, 2012-13, 2013-14 respectively which totals to around Rs 60.7 crore.

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